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The central office for the right and protection of the conscientious objectors for conscience reasons has been dissolved since 1 January 2014 - and remains present in the network [NEXT]

The right to
the freedom of conscientious objection : the right to military service continues to require public support [NEXT]

50 years of the Central Office:
over 50 years of work of the Central Office for the Protection and Realization of the Basic Right to War Deterrence [NEXT]

Civil society and peace logic:
Germany exports peace and no weapons!

We consider it necessary,

  • To recall the constitutional elements of the constitution of 1949;
  • To abolish compulsory military service;
  • To re-orient the advice of conscientious objectors to the fundamental question of war and peace;
  • War veterans from war zones;
  • Principles and methods of civilian conflict management.

We consider these requirements as correct and central.

They were formulated in the Maintaler explanation.  This was discussed and decided by the delegates of the 26 member associations and the 80 participants of the meeting on 9 May 2009 at a meeting of the Central Committee.

The title of the conference was:  60 years of basic law - 60 years of COD law
- 53 years of compulsory military service ... and (k) a bit of peace ?!

The full text of the Maintaler explanation can be read here [ NEXT ]

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